Certified Veterinary Assistant Workshop

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Enroll in TVMA’s award-winning Certified Veterinary Assistant Program! VTAT is proud to be able to assist TVMA with hosting these career-enhancing opportunities.

Next TVMA CVA Level 1 Workshop:

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TVMA’s Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Level I is designed for beginning veterinary assistants with little-to-no experience working in a practice environment. This program will teach them the essential skills and knowledge needed to become effective contributors to the veterinary medical care team. This workshop is based on the material in the CVA Level I Training Manual.

Heather Gleason, BS, LVT, RLAT will be presenting the following topics:

General Veterinary Assistance
Common and Exotic Animals/Exotic Animal Restraint
Veterinary Exam Procedures
Surgical Preparation and Assistance
Veterinary Lab Procedures
Veterinary Animal Nursing
Veterinary Medical Imaging
Veterinary Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Kennel/Cage/Stall Area
Practice and Client Relations

Discounted CVA Level I Training Manual available for purchase with registration.

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